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With our team of technicians, First Class Signs can provide several different options for your lighted sign needs, including interior illuminated sign cabinets, lighted channel letters, halo-lit illuminated letters, and lighted pole signs of all sizes. First Class Signs can also provide estimates and installation services for LED message centers and digital display boards.

Lighted sign service and maintenance


Choose First Class Signs as your local experts who have proven experience to handle your lighted sign service.  Whether you need to replace bulbs, would like to refurbish or repair an old lighted sign cabinet, or would like an LED retrofit in your existing lighted sign, you can trust First Class Signs to get your sign to work for you when the sun goes down.  Call to speak with a member of our staff to get started.


First Class Signs is the premier source for lighted signs and lighted sign service in Ames, Iowa.

Comprehensive Lighted Sign Products:



LED retrofitting

LED message centers


Site surveys

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